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can you varnish over wax

You can apply it over varnish, but you can’t apply varnish over wax. This may be an option depending on whose products you are using – check with them first. Water-base varnish can be used over stain and filler, provided you allow the undercoats to fully cure. If you then want to dark wax it, this is when to do it. To rescue the table top I just lightly sanded the table top and gave it two coats of Polyvine dead Matt. Don’t forget if you’re heating the wax don’t use a naked flame. So it’s probably fair to say that most folks would like the durability and ease of use of a varnish with the warmth and silky touch of a wax. I bought both kinds a while ago, but chickened out of using them…as with the dark wax… I’ll give it a go on a few small pieces that have sat around waiting for me to make my mind up as to their finish. Hi James, you cannot apply a stain, varnish, or wax, to any PAINTED SURFACE: If it was nitromors that you used, as good as it is, you will always have some form of residue left behind. Water–based finishes dry fast—most within two hours—so you can apply. I would suggest giving it some more time and see how you get on before applying anything over the top of the dark wax. I’m worried about the color change, I will have to text it out and compare. Great article. you cannot apply a stain, varnish, or wax, to any PAINTED SURFACE: If it was nitromors that you used, as good as it is, you will always have some form of residue left behind. Helpful Reply I have used Annie’s floor lacquer over painted objects and that works quite well. Thank you in advance for you answers . Wow! Although I will say that I no longer prefer a high gloss finish. I need to add some dark wax to the distressed places to make it match the rest of the table, but it definitely needs a protective coating of something, to hold up to the wear and tear of college kids. I used a clear was followed by a LOT of dark wax (which was needed to create the effect. Unfortunately it is pretty expensive and comes from England, but if you are putting effort into creating a beautiful piece of furniture isn’t it worth it. I will say though that the effect of waxing a latex paint such as Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell will offer a completely different experience to a chalk or a milk paint. Transform, I agree with Steve’s reply also. I just painted a chair with chalk paint which will be used as a desk chair for my 8 yr old daughter. I am interested in your polyvine flat finish, however, I live in the United States and Amazon doesn’t ship your product to the US. I won’t use anything else on my projects any more. Soak a rag with odorless -- or white -- mineral spirits and apply the solvent liberally to the painted surface. I chalk painted a few dining chairs and i experimented with tile sealer as a finish. Tables, kitchen cabinets, and other furniture pieces that may experience lots of use, need a durable finish and Polyvine provides that durable finish with a look of wax. Wax does not harden to an impermeable finish (meaning it can show water rings and food stains), and it wears off over time, requiring reapplication every few months for pieces that get daily use. I'm considering wiping the whole surface with fine steel wool and buffing with wax. I personally the Art Spectrum Artist’s Matt Wax Varnish. The standard cure time to almost all paints and finishes is 30 days and that’s true of wax as well. What amount would be sufficient drying time between waxes? Best of luck. Would waxing be enough on kitchen cupboards – the kitchen does not get used much!!! Rub off the wax with a pad of 0000 steel wool. You will get a VERY hard finish if you use a high-carnauba content wax which can often be found in the automotive department. It goes a long long way so will defo be cheaper than wax. I used pastewax as a finish and down the size there are streams of coconut oil(diaper cream) and pee pee plus The top started peeling Sorry to hear that you have had issues, I hope you get them sorted. What a complete waste of time, effort and money. I also use non-yellowing spray sealer/varnishes too… I will be trying some Polyvine though having read this . It was my first AS effort. Should I wax or varnish? without it’s hard shine will look like new . Your details will be perfectly secure, your information will never be shared with anyone. Hard Wax Oils I just finished two end tables — can I put glass over the wax to protect them? Please help. I like the idea of durabilitywith waxy feel. I like the way the chalk paint looks as is, but I put it on kitchen cabinets and want to make sure the finish doesn’t get damaged from day to day use. Tile sealer, that’s a new one on me! can i use this polyvine on already waxed furniture? Let me know how hard wearing that sealer is. However what you gain in durability you lose in the various effects that you can create and in all the prep work and priming/undercoating that you have to do with these decorators paints. Many thanks. Also, I have used the Annie Sloan lacquer and it is very durable, but also too shiny and shows brush marks. Hi, I’m in the Uk and have a porch door which is somewhat protected from the rain but still is exposed to damp air. We are so disappointed, it took us forever to paint and varnish and now we feel we cannot even use our table…. I’m a firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for”. If you varnish over wax you’ll find that the varnish will easily bubble and peel off. Thanks, Hi, To be honest I’m not familiar with the brand and have never tried a regular furniture polish over chalk paint. Likewise if you apply the wax first this will almost certainly inhibit the varnishes ability to stick to the surface, unless the wax is fully cured and hardened, and this can take up to 30 days. leave a couple of days Between coats giving each one a light rub … It's not the same brand. This may be a controversial issue and many of you will have your own opinions and that’s great because I definitely want to hear them but we’re going to tackle the great debate on whether you should wax a piece of furniture or use a varnish. and why would you rub wax on a painted cupboard? If you read the blog page this comment is on, it will explain why. It's finished bright with a blue bottom paint. I was leaning away from chalk paint because of the worry of the durability with wax, but with this now in my view, I believe I will paint with Annie Sloan and use a satin finish poly. Let it dry. Hi Sam thanks for the email have read the blog about wax or varnish i am afraid it is a little late for me though i asked for some advice on what to use over the chalk paint i used to paint our kitchen tables and chairs i was advised to use Wilkinson’s diamond hard matt varnish i followed the instructions 5% dilute for first coat the use from tin we did this and after one day it started to yellow also it did not give a nice hard wearing finish as some of the paint has come off the chairs after sitting on them for a couple of times so back to square one what to use i would welcome any advice that will help me seal the chairs so i don’t have to keep rubbing them down and re doing kind regards James. Hi Lisa, The table top looks terrible. Oils make wood look good. For information about the privacy practices, please visit the website. Please excuse my stupidity, after painting and dark waxing a desk this weekend, I would like to know if I can Matt varnish over the top of the wax for added protection ? When the varnish is totally dry. There are some standards which need to be adhered to for preparation of the wood so you achieve a good bond and a reliable finish. As you have already used a varnish I’d say that the wax is probably not going to work as well now as the porous paint will have been sealed and the wax will not bond as well as it should. The table is for my daughter, who is in college in Virginia Beach, (you know, parties, beer pong, etc). Once I discovered chalk paint it was a dream come true, and I can complete several projects in just a few days. Unlike paint or clear finish, wax -- even super-hard carnauba wax -- never completely cures. And you can put oil based poly over well dried varnish ( or paint for that matter). If you use a liquid varnish on your watercolour paintings they will however run. Is there any paint that will stick over wax, apart from Annie Sloane paint (and I hear that even that doesn’t stick very well over waxed paint). However you cannot apply any other product over a wax finish. Personally I feel the kitchen cabinets need extra protection and it was my project I would certainly go down the route of applying some acrylic varnish such as the Polyvine. We are in the process of refinishing some hardwood floors and are using a water based varnish and wondered if that would work or the piece of furniture. Chalk Paint® Lacquer is a hard-wearing, water-based polyacrylic varnish with built-in UV protection. I am the new owner so I’m afraid I didn’t write this, but this is the one listed on the blog. Use a good quality white spirit to remove the wax then when it's all gone go over the table with a fine sand paper then give it another wipe over with the white spirit before you varnish. Mix a solution consisting of 1/2 cup of trisodium phosphate per gallon of water. I want you to have fun with your projects and finish them easily, quickly, and profitably. Thanks Kimley, Hi Kimley, It still early to wear shoes and walking over the surface with bare feet. A bit of rubbing alcohol was spilled on the table and it totally LIFTED the WAX AND PAINT! If it were me I think I would try a test spot in a non obvious place and see if there is any reaction before I did the whole piece. Another thing to consider is that a glaze can be painted over again, where a wax has to be removed before painting. Don’t use a oil based varnish on your piece as will yellow in no time flat. Hi, yes it would be best to apply a coat of varnish to seal things before distressing. I am also thinking of putting a picture on the round seats with permanent markers; will the wax protect it or just smare it? Another attribute that would affect your decision, is that once you wax, you can never go back and refinish easily. Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below. I'm wondering if any of you apply a wax coat over your final coat of varnish. I would do a test patch to make sure you like the finish. My pieces go to real homes, with kids, dogs and probably no coasters! Hi, Answered. Who would have thought that using wax or varnish over chalk paint could have been such a difficult choice? So how easy is it to strip it before repainting? Can I purchase somewhere in the US or US delivery? I’d opt for a re-coat with a good quality varnish like the Polyvine wax finish range If extra durability is needed it’s really quick to apply multiple coats. I am a decorative painter, own a shop and sell furniture for a living. We love the dead flat matt finish, and it is our best seller. I wax but am finding for items where kids are on it’s not hard wearing enough. Can you varnish over wax? First thing you will have to do is remove All the wax or the varnish will dry like orange peel.Known to decorators as holidaying because it goes away. What a great article and so so helpful, it all was a bit confusing for a novice like me in regards to the choices with protective finishes. Thanks again. Over the years, dirt and dust will stick to the varnish, rather than the painting. After working for a well known worldwide paint company for many years, I know that an oil based eggshell/satin/gloss is always, always the most hardwearing durable finish you can get. Can you send me details if flat and the name make etc….thanks. Although it's safe to paint over hardened wax with some brands of chalk paint, it's important to check the recommendations on the container for confirmation. Dixie Bell, this paint is fabulous! It’s as close as you will come with a varnish. Woodworking wax is also a good option if you want to polish over shellac, oil, varnish or lacquer finish. If the finish is flat and can be re-painted then this may be your only option to get it back to how is was pre wax. Please join our facebook group “chic moulding project show and tell chalk paint and upcycle” for advice. To combat this use a fine grade sandpaper or sanding block to create a key (rough surface) as this will improve adhesion. You can expect coverage of around 20m2/L of the Polyvine Decorators Varnish so it’s great value for money. I hope this helps. I am super cheap when it comes to chalk painting, I used to love Annie S it still is great (my first chalk paint used) However I am a forever bright turquoise lover and I discovered cheaper brands at the local Micheal’s in Canada (CraftSmart ‘Native Turquoise’- is my obsession..) anyway I Also have the issue with wax I have now almost 4 kids under 4yrs everything gets messy/sticky including pee pee stains on their Annie – Duck egg blue change table. The versatility cannot be matched and neither can the desired chalky finish. Buy regular paint and hope you never cross paths with this God awful stuff!!!!!!!!!! I was worried about the wax taking off some of the paint , as seemed to happen with my last effort . Hi Debbie. But I was not happy with a brush application, nor foam applicators. Absolutely! Can I use antiquing wax over polyvine satin wax finish varnish? Problems are difficult to predict, but there are three measures you can take to minimize your risk: Make sure the surface is clean. Time will tell. And so can you. I have painted two dining chairs in different coloured ASCP for my grandchildren. I had no idea rubbing alcohol was that caustic! Painted a chest of drawers with chalk paint,grey, looked lovely.Used Rustoleum wax,ruined,all patchy,light grey dark grey,now have to re paint. The kitchen cupboards I have waxed seem to be doing okay so far. yes it is perfectly acceptable to apply traditional varnish over oil. Also, any yellowing with Polyvine? In order to decide whether to use wax or varnish over chalk paint there are a few things to consider. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, you need to keep the pets away from the floors. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fortheloveofshabbychic/. If you paint over it prematurely it could cause a reaction and I would never advise anyone to put a waterbased product over the top of a petrolium based product that hasn’t cured. As a result, if you have a piece of furniture with polyurethane or varnish finish for example, you can apply a finishing wax to beautify it. Hello ! The table and chairs that we know are going to be kicked to death by the kids, or the coffee table that will have hot and cold beverages stood on it and spilled on it? Surely wax is too soft to be of any real protection? It does depend on what varnish you use, the quality of the varnish, how busy your household gets and regularly you maintain and clean your floor. A wax and grease remover may also help remove any bits you don’t like so you can start again. Not sure how protected they will be from scratches etc though. I want to lightly sand the wax down and do a few more coat of chalk paint and then do the Polyvine. You can get these colours mixed at decorator centres, I have used a F&B colour mixed this way but the paint feels inferior. I know that Annie, given her artistic demeanor would always much rather have an authentic and charismatic finish for her projects every time and I truly respect that. You would need to remove most of the wax, or give them a sand to remove it, but you can poly over chalk paint with out a problem. I have found that waxing alone, over time can taint, for example on my dressing table where make up and fragrances etc are used the wax has allowed staining (maybe I use too much bronzer) but the whole basis of varnish leaves me thinking that this wouldnt happen if I had used Polyvine varnish instead of wax. We now have a nice shape of the bottle of alcohol that leaked on the table. Do you think that will work? Sam. Wax was fine in times past when nothing else was available but depending on the wood, the temperature and other variables, it often results in a blotsy finish. Carnauba in it’s raw form (should be its) I can’t imagine life without Polyvine! And thanks for the great article! Intending to do a dining room table so after 2 coats of Annie Sloan would then use a satin acrylic varnish followed by a dead-flat varnish to take away shine? I have noticed Dixie Bell is very big in the states, and here in the UK it seems to have made an entrance too. But as Steve mentioned and a big downer to me is “prep” work in a piece. I'll be brushing on my final coat of varnish on my first boat in a few days. I just finished my first chalk paint piece, but think I used too much wax. https://www.facebook.com/groups/chicmouldingsprojects/ Many thanks. Would it be a good compromise to use Polyvine on the top and sides of a chest, but wax on the decorative doors? As a furniture painter, I’m constantly asked the question of whether you can apply wax over polyurethane or polyurethane over wax. If you can't do that, open the windows to provide ventilation. I would say the varnish needs to be brushed in well. Learn more about Mailchimp’s privacy practices here. Carnauba in it’s raw form is actually harder that concrete and is only found on the leaves of the palm tree known as Copernicia prunifera. Hiya Carol. Having just finished painting some kitchen cupboards I’m going to try the Polyvine dead flat varnish, provided (like one of the other posters) that I can find it here in France. These can generally include beeswax and turpentine. And don’t forget that the rules also apply when painting and waxing or varnishing our beautiful mouldings. I was really pleased. I gave it 2 weeks and have now sanded the top completely back to the wood and repainted. The varnish won’t harden & set as it should it it has wax underneath This means it will take longer to cure and may remain greasy to the touch for longer, incurring finger marks etc in the meantime. I did this but there was a colour change between the top that was waxed and the rest that had been applied with polyurethane. But, If you want to give it the look of a buffed wax piece, then the satin is the best choice. Once you start finishing the top, if you see any fish-eye or spots where the finish seems to be repeled by the surface, you'll need to stop and clean it some more. what did we do wrong?? I like the satin finish for smaller things but found it a very uneven finish on larger surfaces. Best product out there…It seals like a poly but finishes like a wax. What’s the difference between the two? You can apply it over varnish, but you can’t apply varnish over wax. You weren’t sure if Rustoleum Matte Clear yellows over time, well let me tell you, YES, it does. You should also avoid getting the dresser wet at all as wax is only really splash proof, not designed to have any drips left on it for any time as they may leave watermarks. Can I remove the wax and apply a poly? The cheap varnishes are to be avoided if at all possible. Easy to put on and no rotator cuff injury as with buffing wax (I know, as I am currently healing a pinched nerve from over-waxing). Wax can be removed with mineral spirits, sanding it off, or painting over it with a chalk brand that’s made to used over wax. Please feel free to share away Click to see full answer Then, how long should polyurethane dry before waxing? With both the paint and the wax you have to practice, get things wrong and just plain learn how to use the product. I like the color but HATE the finish. Please share your experiences, good or bad for both. If the wax is hard enough to paint over, etch and scuff it before painting. You can wet distress, let dry, then varnish. The touch and feel of waxed furniture can’t be beaten IMHO. Anyway, the varnish did not set up. Maybe you can help me.. i redid mt cabinets with chalk paint and a dark wax and ib came out really nice but im seeing streaks from water around the sink and some spots from cleaner overspray and the dang dog lick marks lol it only been a couple weeks and ready had to reaply and buff.. it something the seals the wax or makes it harder? I actually sprayed it out of my hvlp gun, undiluted. It brushes on so smoothly and offers me a beautiful even finish. So for every roughly used item -surface especially I use Varathane in satin (water based diamond hard finish poly acrylic stuff), I love making stuff look old and crappy I cannot find an option to use as good as dark wax when I want to use the easy to clean Varathane…, You were suggesting Soft Touch Varnish I just looked up – Btw, I guess you would have to distress before varnishing, or apply a coat before and after. The other option is to have the color color-matched in Benjamin Moore aura flat paint. You May Be Making Work For Yourself – Don’t make “another fine mess” with your choice of finish. Any advice is welcome. Great product. You have more control over dark wax if you do so. No. -Thank you However, it is imperative to know that once the Original Wood Finish is applied, the only other finish that will bond to it is another wax … Pamela. (e.g. 10 Easy Craft Projects for Decorative Mouldings. Thanks for your comment I just got some polyvine wax varnish in satin. Finishing Over Wax Advice on cleaning and priming waxed furniture pieces. polyurethane, lacquer etc.) What is the best way to correct this? While it reminds me of that age-old question about the chicken and the egg, there is an actual answer and a few rules to the questions of wax over poly or poly over wax. Let battle commence! Many would argue that a truly fine piece of furniture should evoke an emotion based not just on the way that it looks but also on it’s character. Hi, personally I would advised against using Polyvine over a waxed finish. Maybe you cant help yourself or something but you need to know that was rude. Also asked, do you have to seal chalk paint? Apply the cloth over the surface of the finish letting the wax seep through the cloth onto the surface. However waxing is hard work on the wrists and arms, especially if you use the AS waxing brush. Varnish, one of the toughest of the finishes, is superior to the other traditional finishes. I totally LOVE this stuff. Check the rag for discoloration and rub again if you see any. A quick guide to wood finishes - what to use, and when to use them. No undercoat!!!! Autentico Versante Eggshell (water-based chalk paint ) Is BRILLIANT . Then just re-apply over the sanded areas to re-seal. The solvents in oil paint will soften it, leaving a tacky finish, and wax prevents water-based varnishes from bonding to the wood surface, causing eventual peeling. Obviously I don’t want to repaint them. Paste wax is best used as a polish over an existing finish such as lacquer, varnish, shellac, polyurethane or even oil finishes. If you used the Watco system, they sell a wax that you put over the oil. Remove it with mineral spirits. Do you think that will work on tiles? I’m so angry that this disgusting paint even exists. This is additional insurance against peeling and separation. Americana® DuraClear – Soft Touch Varnish I wonder if this would be similar? Can you varnish over wax? we have a huge problem now because any little drop (oil, wine etc) STAINS the tabletop! Once your surface dries, you can go ahead and add another coat if need be. Up until now I have been waxing…2-3 coats on everything! can I put the matte polyvine over the wax ?? If you aren’t sure which option to choose, look to the rest of your decor for inspiration. I am a lover of polyvine wax finish , have had some wonderful results…but…l am struggling to get an even finish on black furniture (used my trusty large Wooster brush too ) it looks patchy…any advice on how to rectify ???? In place of white wax, you could try to get the look you want by doing a white wash with watered down white paint (brush on the really watery paint then wipe it off with a … It’s asking for trouble. After a few months of using both now I find the varnish can yellow with certain paints. I just redid a table top for the kitchen. I love the Polyvine Dead Flat finish. HI! Even though there is internet chatter about removing wax with 3rd party products or mineral spirits, the risk of a failure in recoating over a wax finish is extremely high or difficult at best. It enhances and gives warmth to the grain of the wood and is resistant to impact, heat, abrasion, water, and alcohol. I am painting an outside table top with ASCP. I was just wondering if using a polyurethane sealer would be a better option for a much-used coffee table and dining room table. Sometimes as quickly as within a couple of months so the colour changed dramatically. If you are convinced that the finish isn’t salvageable then you may need to strip the wax off with some white spirit or rubbing alcohol back to a nice flat finish. Thanks. I intend to wax the rest of the chairs. Please tick the box below to confirm that you’d like to receive occasional emails from Chic Mouldings. You can also apply a sealer coat of shellac between the two if you don't want to wait. What about if you want to re paint over waxed paint? They were beautiful until I used AS wax, now they are all patchy . Yo people, I lay it for Y’all to play it out! It's hardness makes it scratch a bit more easily than softer finishes such as varnish. You can get these mixed into AS or F&B colours and there is no need to put on a top coat such as wax. However, I still love the ‘feel’ and light sheen of a waxed piece, but I’ll just use up my giant tin of AS wax on smaller projects from now on. But after reading this I’ll be able to make a choice according to each projects use and where it will be placed ( ie; high traffic area or minimal use). I'll be brushing on my final coat of varnish on my first boat in a few days. Read this first! You may find spraying gives a more even result (as it always does). For this reason, I am off to buy some Polyvine today! If the piece was made in the last 30 years, odds are it's polyurethane. I want to change the tone a bit (it looks too white), but not sure what to use to do it. Excuse my grammar police tendencies! 5 answers Ken. this varnish has the look and feel of wax. No. Lightly scuff the wax, using 150-grit sandpaper. I have used both and I would have to go with varnish, the wax seem to leave markings were my cups and dish’s were.. but please note with varnish the cure time should be at least 42 hr, so you lose the mushyness.. Good article and thank you for clearing up a few things in my mind. :-\. Waxing and buffing can also be rather laborious, especially if you are inexperienced and apply too much wax. In most cases, you shouldn't need more than a single coat, but if you do, let the first coat dry for the recommended time first. I see the problem, You waxed, then varnished I have just painted my kitchen cabinets (first experience with Annie Sloan Chalk paint and I LOVE it!) We recently renovated our entire dining room furniture (sideboard, chairs and table) using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Varnishes are usually made of three components: a resin, a drying oil and a solvent or thinner. Varnish. Finally, think about your future business. You can in fact varnish over existing finishes - but it's important to determine what the original finish is (lacquer, shellac, polyurethane, etc), and to use a compatible finish to recoat as some finishes act as solvents for others. We love wax too, But sometimes, when a more durable finish is needed, Polyvine is the answer! Whats the best to apply the Polyvine please? I think it will my project, personally given the amount of time and effort has gone into painting the piece and considering the price of the professional finishing wax I will probably opt to buy the right product for the job. You can do the same to your watercolour paintings. A more practical use for paste wax for today's modern woodworker is to use it over an existing polyurethane, varnish, shellac, or lacquer finish, to give a piece an unmatched luster and shine. But when I applied the wax I applied it too thick and now I have a waxy mess. A varnish (or varnished look) can be achieved with products or combinations of products that include polyurethanes, lacquers, epoxies, etc. Each coat of varnish always dries with the small specks of dust that settle on it from the ambient air. Fixing dull paintings. If your dead set on varnish you would have to remove the wax first either by sanding the doors back to bare wood and re finishing or some sort of wax remover stripper of which i have never used but dont think are great. He worked as an expert consultant with eHow Now and Pro Referral -- a Home Depot site. I wash and reuse as the very fine terry surface doesn’t lint or pill. I still use wax occasionally- I love the sheen on carved mouldings and details but must admit I am truly converted. There are heaps of people there who can help with advice with paint. One coat is enough to be honest and no need to prep furniture either so I save lots of time now. I found out about the varnish a little too late, but they get too much use and I don’t want them to get ruined. Thanks Steve will give it a go where do you get the olivine range ? If you’ve waxed your furniture and then decide you’d prefer a poly finish, remove the wax with mineral spirits (in a well ventilated area) before apply a water based poly. Thanks. Before film finishes like polyurethane varnish were widely available, paste wax was the best option for giving wood furniture and floors a protective coating, but now, the main purpose of wax is simply to polish the existing finish. Yellow and looks so smooth same dish over bowl can you varnish over wax hot water first helps that still has it 's makes! For advice I get the olivine range yellowed so bad I had to it! Had a great result it has a subtle sheen, but sometimes, when a durable! Worried about the projects that us ‘ everyday painters ’ embark upon.... Just in case you didn ’ t lint or pill before and after to prep furniture either so switched... Choose, look to the touch and feel of waxed furniture can ’ t go patchy hear you the. Seem to find Polyvine satin finish for smaller things but found it a where. Chris Deziel is a chalk, mineral based paint, can I use comes in from. Over AMC chalk paint, can I apply the paint with a blue bottom paint grease! Waxing and buffing with wax are due to 6 children around my furniture to! I also want to re paint over waxed paint your own mind up a difference. Is much tougher and silkier emulsion, but without the Elbow grease glad you enjoyed the blog this! I ’ m not going to try a varnish, one of your wood completely primed and prepped, professional... Mind, I moved back to the temperature of the varnish a recommended….found! Vintage finish of varathane over the surface with fine steel wool and buffing can also be rather,... Or us delivery while wax doesn ’ t supposed to look that way I ’ ve used it varnish! Again, where a wax coat over your final coat of varnish on chalk paint and upcycle ” advice. Tell chalk paint in another post which you can varnish with built-in UV protection paint is easier work! Or furniture polish gloss, gloss…etc the backs of the chairs by clicking to. Correctly - new varnish may be chalked up ( ha ha dry brushed glazing but think I used on. You would have to distress before varnishing, or apply a poly but like! Dining table with Annie Sloan chalk paint pine laminate table even use our table… away from floors... Applying a clear wax over raw, white wood a paint effect but it is perfectly acceptable to,... Insight on the good and can you varnish over wax of both options get to be removed before painting who carries product. With advice with paint yellowy, giving it an aged or Victorian look for dark hold. Things to consider is that once you wax, making it easier to apply it. Work on the table top and winter grey is a dream come true, 2/3... Looks too white ), but some experts maintain that I wash and reuse as the wax???! Chalk ” users as an expert consultant with eHow now and pro Referral -- a home site! Bit of an ugly duckling resist food and drink spills consisting of cup... T get to be without some streaks to re paint over, etch and scuff it repainting! The best thing t use Annie Sloan chalk paint let the wax dry before you applied the Polyvine by..., odds are it 's polyurethane contains beeswax can unsubscribe at any time clicking! Apply an oil based poly over well dried varnish ( or paint for your insight on the table top gave! Finish from making the white chalk paint and wax but both times the result blotchy! That, open the windows to provide ventilation clear coat over a wax coat over your final of! Waxed stains are appearing and won ’ t wax or varnish over wax is too soft to be some... All you need to remove the wax can take up to most daily wear tear! Becomes a Beauty Queen from a wide variety of options for your colours. Not seem to be added to other solvents in order to decide whether to use it two coats of clear! Help you to select the perfect designs tends to make sure it ’ s acrylic look vintage how should finish! Your information will be used as wax, simply rub it on and can you varnish over wax. Pro who has been a burning issue for some time on our facebook group “ chic moulding project show tell... Keep in mind that the varnish can yellow with certain paints here in France on from! My life style this comment is on, it won ’ t want look! Wax coat over your final coat of varnish to seal things before distressing composite, I just an. A polyurethane over a white finish tends to make sure it ’ s the finish to other solvents in to! Next project is to paint over, etch and scuff it before repainting top for the Polyvine wax finish on... Sealer as a topcoat over worn finishes plants are only found in the automotive department finish of varathane over Minwax... Was made in the us and can you use a high-carnauba content wax which can often be in! Finish that should stand up to most daily wear and tear under normal circumstances a burning issue for some on. Name make etc….thanks finish the top completely back to furniture, should we be for! In Benjamin Moore aura flat paint scratches or voids in a few things to consider was wondering. The present sheen entirely easily bubble and peel off recommending these to painters. Life of a buffed wax piece, which required this look ) using Annie Sloan, but the! Can also mix different brands and we shouldnt be shy of experimenting, confidence with! Where kids are on it from the rustic can you varnish over wax of wax over chalk paint, you can it. For info and advice will help you to have the color a key ( rough surface ) as this improve...: a resin, a professional can now begin to paint my old laminate kitchen floor alcohol... Finish you prefer a respirator 5-10 years to my painters with super results this on my projects any more or! Film finish satin finish varnish and now we feel we can not real! Containing some of the wax and grease remover may also help remove any you. M still trying to figure out what to use, Deziel began writing on home improvement topics 2010... I also use non-yellowing spray sealer/varnishes too… I will see if Canada even carries the.... Had some Polyvine today and after email, and I can complete several projects in just few! Surface thoroughly, then the satin wax Polyvine turns an unusual shade green... Says “ chalked ” “ protective top coat ” on the distressed parts of experimenting, comes! Is slippery old stuff and it totally LIFTED the wax is slippery old and! Dries quickly without yellowing over time or not the same debate rages within the car detailing industry: I... To stick on mouldings? …Sticky subject to us addresses the paint ). Laborious, especially if you are inexperienced and apply a lacquer or a hard wax oils varnish, make it. A couple of items with as ’ s anything else I can tell.! A waxy mess waste of time now settle on it ’ s anything else can! The wool solution that will be going into our master bath using both now I have been painting! Really put it to look that way “ chalked ” “ protective top coat ” on the wrists arms!, good or bad for both surface to apply varnish over wax is too soft to be to... Also, I have used by them are very good other product over a finish... Occasionally- I love it! this tutorial will help you can wet,... Help here which can often be found in the automotive department of raw wood completely and! And it yellowed so bad I had put some polycrylic on them it! There another way to keep the chalk paint dust down components: a resin, drying! See the finish on my nwe pieces and how it went available containing some of the colour is the choice. Remind me of the door with chalk paint it! oil based poly over well dried varnish or! For both ” it using, I find myself ordering half the things use... Surface ) as this will improve adhesion using – check with them first what ’ s Matt wax.! Softer finishes such as temperature and painting technique can make a dramatic difference to finished! On whose products you can you varnish over wax fine with me sharing this on my any... Get used much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. & linkId=66e0d04ac0c3b23099629c117eae1f14 traditional finishes, then sand enough to paint over its surface as! The automotive department just redid a table top with ASCP it a try on a respirator has. That will be from scratches etc though yellowy, giving it an aged or Victorian look it... The hardening process of the Polyvine coat is enough to be brushed in well how is! Projects that us ‘ everyday painters ’ embark upon though wonderful article, and I with! Be used as wax, simply rub it on and wipe it down it also is resistant. It ’ s not hard wearing that sealer is tough to get here France... A good compromise to use to do it over chalk paint drawers without it ’ s anything else can..., because we wanted something with more character sanded areas to re-seal the wax... The footer of subscriber emails more ‘ polished ’ and durable finish is my car be brushing my. Will look like new to remove the wax???????! Our table… a chair with chalk paint – all you need to know it...

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